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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 Cx BEATS THE HEAT FOR A HOSPITAL We reviewed the operation specs on the entire system and, yep - the BAS most certainly should be in control. During performance testing we found that the heat exchangerwasnt controlled by the BAS - the steam valve that was installed wasnt the correct one. In fact, the BAS contractor was under the impression that itwouldnt be controlling it at all. description here KLH Energy Solutions was asked to commmission (Cx) the mechanical systems in a new atrium for a hospital. The heat for the atrium would be provided by a system running under the floor and surrounding the perimeter. We brought this to the attention of the owner, the contractor, and the designer. And it was pretty clear - a new steam valve would have to be installed and controlled by the BAS for the protection of not just the building, but patients, visitors, and employees. The BAS communicates to the valveto increase H20 temp duringpeak times (e.g. winter) and to decrease temp during off-peak (e.g. summer). 1 2 4 Without it, thered be no way to control the H20 temperature. Not only would this waste substantial energyby heating H20 during off-peak times, but if the temperature got too hot,it could destroythe underground heating system causing a catastrophic failure. The steam valve a valve on the heat exchanger in charge of adjusting the temperature of H20 moving through pipes under the floor - should be controlled by the Building Automation System (BAS). 6 5 3
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