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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 Meeting preparation 1-2-3 * Always be well groomed inspire confidence through your attire* Meeting venues: neat and tidy Appropriate to the meeting* Dont chew gum or eat while meeting with a customer Conducting Protocol for running professional meetings Greet the customer professionally and thank the customer for attending Summarise, explain and clarify.Offer your assistance and follow up Preparation Be well groomed, and prepare the meeting venue Planning Do your research and be prepared Customer Interaction Guideline for Meetings * Prepare documentation, questions or responses for the meeting* Sharpen up on product and process knowledge* Understand your areas roles and responsibilities in relation to other business functions* Purposeful customer interactions are aligned to your business objectives Your role and purpose Your customer * Familiarise yourself with the customer scenario* Prepare an agenda for the meeting * Prepare questions/ customer- or-product-or industry analysis/possible solutions Greeting (Warm and caring) Getting the meeting underway Summarise & agree on actions Conclude the meeting Follow up on meetings * Be sincere, smile, demonstrate energy and enthusiasm* Greet first and use the customers name* Ask the customer how they are (be professional, dont get too personal)* Be approachable: make eye contact, open body language, respect personal space* Offer refreshment * Thank the customer for their time* Introduce the agenda * Summarise the way forward and seek agreement* Explain processes* Clarify responsibilities and actions * Confirm timeframes (under promise, over deliver)* Explain implications (be prepared, or ask an SME) * Offer further assistance (other matters)* Offer your personal contact details* Thank the customer for their time* Usher them to the door * Provide regular updates* Adhere to agreed timelines (communicate any delays)* Use appropriate references when referring to previous correspondence* Remain accountable
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