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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 Head of Imaging Value: Post-Doc -High value publishing-Conference/speaking advice-Posters- how to stand out-Careers Advice- Post-Doc to PI -Buying guides -Get your Posters to stand out- Tips for having Grant applications approved-How to make the most of grant money-Make your lectures interesting-Getting good data-Beginner tips for first publication-Different methods for literature review-Basic how to's... e.g patch clamp-Basic prep of slices-Lab care-Keeping lab notes well organised-Productivity notes-Great newsletters to follow-How to get 1st Post-Doc position-Now i have my PhD- What next?-High value publishing tips-How to get published in Nature-Structure your lecture-Making your lecture stand out at a conference-Tips for speaking to experts in your field-Public speaking-How to get the chance to talk at conference-Buying guides-How to efficiently peer review-Becoming a Professor-Managing people and budgets-Managing a lab-Reasons why grants get turned down -Why not do optogenetics? You are missing out on...-If your microscope doesn't do in vivo & in vitro then...Create demand out of fear from product USPGain publicity outside your field -Money/funds-Grant writing-Peer review-Lectures-Buying guides-Career Advice- PI to HoI Brainstorming Session- Value- led Marketing -Good data-First publication-Literature Review- support-Protocol advise- hints & tips-Posters-Careers advice- PhD to Post Doc PHD PI Value: (sales focused)
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