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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 Reflection double click to changethis text! Drag a cornerto scale proportionally. ECEP 229 Curriculum: Project Development The agency I was working in this semester holds Christian values of respect for authority, resourcefulness, and compassion towards others, including non-human beings, as well as partnership with the parents. Consequently, the families of the children in the Kindergarten room I was assigned to stand by Christian beliefs such as the creation of the world by one God. I have reflected these beliefs and values in that I have demonstrated respect by consulting the Kindergarten teacher before planning my project-related experiences to ensure that they would be respectful to the children and the families. I demonstrated resourcefulness by using low-cost and sometimes recycled materials, as was evident when I provided egg cartons for our turtle stairs experience, when we looked at free videos of turtles online, and when I made use of free community services such as the library to further our investigation on turtles. My project work, which is around turtles, responded to the beliefs and values of the families in the centre in that it promoted inquiry into and respect of another creature that God made, as the agency and the families believe. Moreover, my project work has reflected the agencys belief in compassion towards other beings by regularly reminding the children that we should be gentled with the turtle because the turtle could also feel scared and uncomfortable. Lastly, my project work has responded to their beliefs in that I was able toopen the discussion to the children about a God who created all beings,including Tami the turtle and her unique characteristics (e.g. her legs and the design on her shell). As aforementioned, the agency I was working in strongly believes in partnership and collaboration with the parents. I have responded to this and have built respectful relationships with the parents by sending out a parent letter at the beginning of the project to inform the parents of our investigation on turtles. I also encouraged the parents to take part in our investigation by asking the children specific questions at home about our class turtle (e.g. What does Tami the turtle look like? What does she like to eat?”). In addition, when I got the opportunity, I was able to show Tami the turtle to one of the parents of the Kindergarteners. She responded with fascination and was delighted that we were investigating turtles.
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