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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 By: Nainoa Kamakea and Felix Zhou Why Are Cultures in Conflict? Territory Whose ancestors inhabited the land first.Kosovo (Serbians and Albanians): Albaninas claim to be direct descendants from the ancient Dardanians. Land is divided between two ethnic groups and are kept separate from one another.Cyprus (Turkey and Greeks): The island was partitioned with the Turks north and Greeks south. Culture Suppressor outlaws the suppressed traditional customs.Kurdistan (Kurds and Turks): Turks outlawed Kurds language and traditional customs. Land stolen from indigenous people,Australia (Australians and Aborigines): Australia was considered no mans land to the Europeans, but the Australians were native. Cultural Conflicts: WorldWide Suppressor outlaws the suppressed ethnic language.Sri Lanka (Tamils and Sinhalese): The replacement of English as the Tamils official language alienated them and caused protest. Independence Ethnic Group is Excluded from politics.Transylvania (Romanian and Hungarian): Romanian mad up 60% of residence, yet didn't get a say on how to live. Suppressor sees indigenous people as lesser and unsophisticated beings.Mexico (Mexicans and Chiapans): Chiapans gave Mexicans less rights Religion Suppressor suppressed the religion to control the minority.Tibet (Chinese and Tibetans): Chinese government persecuted Tibetan because it has the potential for political movements and could threaten to overthrow regimes hold in power. One ethnic group is wealthier than another group.Rwanda (Hutu and Tutsi): The Tutsi's were economically dominant over the Hutu. Economy
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