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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 CUBA population:11,075,244 17.3% ages 0-14 Literacy Rate: 99.8%School expectancy: Female-18 years Males - 16 years Revolution andEducation arethe same thing. - Fidel Castro 1. Economic growth.2. Escape from the economic, political, and cultural dependence of the U.S. 3. Replace rigid class structure of capitalist Cuba with a classless and egalitarian society; eliminate sexism, racism and citys control over countryside.4. Transformation of work into a creative activity for a new socialist man; not just working for monetary gain, and to alleviate alienation and fear of starvation. Objectives of Cuban Education: Languages of Cuba: Spanish.EnglishHaitianCreole FOOD in Cuba: * Spanish, African, Caribbean, and Chinese influences.* Popular: black beans, stews, and meats.* Cuisine called Criolo.* Common ingredients: rice, beans, tomatoes, lettuce, chicken.* Coffee is grown for export. * Cuban Education is highly rated.* Uniforms indicate grade level.* Curriculum based upon hard work,self-discipline, and love of country.* Students choose between pre-university or technical and professional Famous CUBAN Americans: * Andy Garcia (actor)* Desi Arnaz (actor "I Love Lucy")* Gloria Estefan (singer)* Aroldis Chapman (threw fastest fastball)* Marco Rubio (politics)* Ludia Cabrera [pictured] (writer/scholar)* Fidel Castro (ex Cuban leader)* Che Guevara (revolutionary leader)* Jose Marti (poet, writer, nationalist leader) MUSIC and ART in Cuba: * Combination of forceful African rhythms and Spanish poetic melody.* Influences and contributes of Argentinean tango, Ghanaian high-life, and Spanish flamenco. * Popular forms: Guaracha, Bolero, Contadanza, Habanera, Charanga, Changui, and Cuban jazz.* Popular styles: salsa, rumba, and mambo.* Musical instruments used: claves, thumb piano, maracas, bongos, congas, and cuicas. Cuba is home to dozens of art schools, museums, and theatres. There is a national film industry and art, drama,dance, and writing are major partsof Cuban culture. 92 Nautical miles fromCuba to Florida.(Reno to Sacramento is 97) Devotes about 10-11% of its GDP to education. Rest of region is ~6% Social Status of teachers is high,and they get paid accordingly. 12,298 Cubans in Nevada (0.5%)
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