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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 All About Cuba Geography and Climate In Cuba there is a variety of different vegetation that grows there like Trop-ical Forests, Central Prairies, WesternHills and Valleys. Low hills and rich valleyscover more than half of the country. Cuba isas large as pennsylvania in The United Stat-es. Cuba has subtropical climate that is war-m and humid. The average annual temer-ature is around 75 degrees . There avera-ge rainfall per year is about 54 inches! Social Havana is the capitol of Cuba. Ha-vana was founded in the early 15-00's. It later became a BIG gather-ing point for spanish treasure fleets.Cuba's population is 11,047,251!Havana was origianally part of britiansland. Economy Cuba's maincrops that they make money on aresugar cane, tobacco, coffee, Rice, grain, vegeta-bles and citrus fruit. There exports include sugar,nickel, tobacco, cement and fruit. They mostly tradewith Venezuela, China, Russia and Mexico. Cuba hasan extremely good labor force. Political The president of Cuba is Raul Caestro. Raulcaestro is both the head of the state and theGovernment. The voting age in Cuba is 16Years old and in The U.S.A The voting ageis 18 years old. Fun Facts For Cuba Cuba is one out of four of the islands in the west indies.For there brakfastthey normally eat Bread and BlackCoffee. Fruit and cereal is too expenmsive for mostpeople in Cuba. For there Lunch They normally eatwhatever there work or school serves. To people inCuba their dinner is the most important meal of the day unlike us our most important meal is breakfast. My Sources Culture Grams Encyclopedia BritannicaNational Geographic Kids Cuba By: Jen GreenPixabay By: Avery Slick
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