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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 Transform your public speaking in 1hr 45 mins Situation: The secrets of great public speaking are well known and have been well used for years, from Aristotle through to Obama. Complication: Yet most presentations are dull, fail to convince the audience and score at best 4/10.Question: Why are people failing to use proven public speaking tools?Answer: Because theyre too busy to read all the right books and attend all the right seminars. Crowdpleaser reveals the most effective tools and shows you how to use them in just 1 hour and 45 minutes. emiten un mensaje que no puede serrespondido por el usuario, funciona en un solo sentido. Uno emite y el otro recibe; SITUATION Los Mass Media ejercen su poder de emitirsu mensaje a los usuarios.En cambio el Social Media todos partendesde la igualdad de condiciones; Uso y accesibilidad SITUATION: The secrets of great public speaking have been known for 2,500 years, from Aristotle to ObamaCOMPLICATION: Yet most presentations are poor - scoring 4 out of 10 on averageQUESTION: Why are people ignoring proven, effective methods? ANSWER: People don't have time for long books and seminars - so Crowdpleaser delivers the essentials in 1hr 45 mins. Message: 1 point On a scale of 1-10, we aim to boost your public speaking score by 3 points. 1 point each for message, content & delivery. It takes 1h45m. Content: 1 point Support your punchy message with great content: stories, statistics and soundbites. Be a master of metaphor like Warren Buffet. Design PowerPoint slides like billboards, not documents.SPEAKER BENEFIT: win your audience's heart + mindAUDIENCE BENEFIT: engaging Delivery: 1 point Deliver your message with energy and flair. Make your voice a rainbow, not a raincloud! Use the 'Wonder Woman' pose to fight nerves. Breath.SPEAKER BENEFIT: calm authorityAUDIENCE BENEFIT: we've all sat through enough bad presentations to know the answer... Why Crowdpleaser? Características de cada una: Here's the problem that Crowdpleaser solves. We explain it using Minto's "SITUATION-COMPLICATION-QUESTION-ANSWER" tool COMPLICATION QUESTION Crowdpleaser in 140 characters Write your key message in one punchy sentence or headline. Think Steve Jobs in 2007: "Today Apple reinvents the phone."SPEAKER BENEFIT: focusAUDIENCE BENEFIT: clarity The course arms candidates with proven tools used by legendary speakers and coaches. It draws on case studies, cognitive psychology, neuroscience and multimedia learning theory. The initial knowledge is delivered in a fun yet informative multimedia lecture, followed by a 45-minute workshop to develop skills. Crowdpleaser cannot claim to make candidates expert speakers in less than 2 hours. But it can achieve the limited goal of boosting their performance by just 1 point in each of the three key areas: message, content and delivery. HowItWorks Improvement on a scale of 1 to 10: 3 points.
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