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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 Crossing The Wire Characters THEME Chase your dreams, no matter how far you have to go for it. Victor: He is the narratorand main character of thestory. He supports the theme because he crossedthe U.S. and Mexico border to support his family and maybe send his siblings toschool. He goes through manythings like running, falling offa train "The Beast", and many other things. Rico: He is the youngest of a family and has the dream of going to school.He crosses the border with Victor, and after goingso far, he preferred to chasehis dream of going to school. Setting: Los Arboles Mexico,through the border and intothe United States. Supports Theme because they travel a long distance to get to their dreams. Objective Summary: Victor wantedto go to the United States. Hewanted to go because he neededto help his family out of poverty. He crossed by himselffor most of the way for a long time. He finally got to the U.S.He there got a job and sent money to his family. Plot:Beginning: Victor and Rico work in the fields. They're best friendsand one day Rico shows him a jar with $1,000. He told him he was gonna cross to the North.So then Victor said he would too.Middle: Victor left without tellinghis family. In his way he ran from 20 border guards. He then fell offa train " The Beast". He escapedcustody and made his way north to the border. He joined a man in the way who then got beat up and killed, so he was now alone again. End: He met with Rico and then got to the U.S. and found a job. he sent money to his family but then Rico decided to go backto Mexico. RUN, RUN!!!!!
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