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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 North Korea: An View on What is Really Happening. North Korea is being ruled by a dictator that has total control and is not afraid to take people out to maintain it. These people have been fooled and some are taking extreme measures to escape. * Very limited information * Government censored news * * * No access to internet, social media, or cell phones for the most part * An entire nation of people who truly don't know what is going on in the world around them Started in the 1990's Still a problem... * * Highest Rates of Escapes From 2008 to 2012 2008 2009 2010 2011 2012 * Imprisonment & torture * No freedom of speech * Limited travel * Starvation and famine * Jobs are limited Similar Situation Split of Eastern and Western Germany North Korean Defectors Construction in 1961 Lasted until 1989 Western Germany was made up of democracy Eastern Germany was made up of communism Germany was divide four ways West became known as the economic miracle with its capitalist way of life Thousands have migrated trying to escape No more traveling back & forth The end of WWll allies divided the East portion into the Soviet Union and the West portion into the U.S., Britain, and France Smugglers and covert groups have led people out of the country A difficult situation to resolve because they are so brainwashed and this dictator is not afraid to take a stand, so fear is running them * Write a letterto the President * Try to lean towardbeing more likeSouth Korea * Have smugglers sneak in infoto the peopleliving there A proposition to help end this cruel treatment of the people of North Korea would be to first write a letter to the President continuing to appeal to the dictator to reconsider a look at democracy and capitalism. If we could show them how successful South Korea is, maybe we could convince them to change their ways. Due to a lack of social media to help spread word, we would need the help of smugglers to sneak in information to the people living in North Korea about our plans and convince them that if they were to revolt, there would be no way for their dictator to stop them. Recommending A Policy Also, if you want to view the that my story was based on,view here: These defectors have to save up a year's worth salary to travel to the following:BejingKumningLaosChiang RaiBangok and then and only then,they get to fly to South Korea Citations:**** This man was a starving soldier during the rogue states worst famine. He swam to China just to flee. Joo-il had watch a woman being forced to drown her own baby as punishment and a girl beaten to death for stealing a few grains of wheatalong the way.
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