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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 CRITICAL LITERACY: How are MMORPGs like good children's literature? CRITICAL LITERACY is: double click to changethis text! Drag a cornerto scale proportionally. Disrupting the commonplace Interrogating multiple viewpoints Promoting and taking social action Focusing on socio-political issues Massive Multi-player Online Role Playing Games The development ofthe character is theprimary goal of mostgames. GOOD LITERATURE is: Basic Emotions Perfection Purgation Playersinteractin a virtual world Virtual lifewith socialrules Catharsis Guild Wars World of Warcraft The Elder Scrolls: Skyrim Star Wars theOld Republic Final Fantasy Elder Scrolls IV:Oblivion Ultima Online Fallout Mass Effect Everquest The Legend of Dragon Super Mario RPG:Legend ofSeven Stars Metis historyEqualityPhysical deformity FASDCommunicationDiscoveryRacismJudging others FriendshipsGender IdentityDepressionAnxietyBirth defectsSlavery IsolationAcceptanceCulturalidentity GriefHatredOjibway loreRacism Creation ofcharacter Elements ofa story:PlotSettingCharacter Active inplotdevelopment Political issues Engagement instory Emotional releaseAdventure Emotionalcreativity Controlterritory Exploration Brutal combat Engage inconversation Watch characterchange and evolve We don't just enjoy literature now, we can participate in it. Massive Multi-player Online Role Playing Games A good book in the digital age is INTERACTIVE and CONNECTIVE. -E.Dresang, 1999 The development of the character is theprimary goal of most MMORPG's. Playersinteract in a virtual world with social rules.Players are active in the development ofthe plot while engaging in conversationswith each other. Players can watch their characters change and evolve. Along withengagement in the story, there is alsoadventure, creativity, emotional investmentand exploration. This is critical involvement in literature. Good literature givesthe reader theopportunity todiscover their ownidentity throughplot, theme, setting,conflict, andcharacter. Critical literacy requiresthe reader to tacklesocial and politicalissues that are out oftheir comfort zone and may encourage furthersocial action while taking multiple viewpoints. CANADIAN CHILDREN'S LITERATURE & MMORPG's GOOD LITERATURE: Takes the reader on an exploration of theme. "It's just like being in the book...I get to be a character!" Mike (student and MMORPG specialist)
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