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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 Criminal Profiling STARTS WITH: A PROFILER > Human Behavior> Human Sexuality > Forensics> Studies in Violent Crimes> Interpretation Skills Lets PROFILE THE PROFILIST An analyst is educated in: Each of these factors are determined by or better known as behavioral indicators of the subject or social environment in question, a profile is a tool analysis ofpolice reportscrime scene photoswitness statementsforensic lab reports PSYCHOPATHOLOGY RECREATES CRIME SCENE PROVIDES INFORMATION OF THE OFFENDER'S LIFESTYLE aka: "SNAP-SHOT"ASSESSMENT Prior Criminal ActivityCommunication SkillsFormal EducationMarital statusSexualityGenderRace double click to changethis text! Drag a cornerto scale proportionally. PROCEDURES FOR COLLECTING EVIDENCE CODIS: COMBINED DNA INDEX SYSTEM > dna profiles contributed by the federal, state and local participating forensic laboratories 3 Typesof ProfilingUsed by Analysts scene from Criminal Minds CBS Network double click to change this title text! Geographic Profiling >attempt to map the offenders mental path Jury Profiling > analysts look intopast criminal history, previous lawyersor representatives,and jurors. Group Profiling > assessment of religious association,country citizenship-often people assume to be "racially" influenced. Once an offenderis successfullyprofiled, a search and arrest can proceed. 2
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