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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 Signs and Symptoms: Delayed developments, disbabilities, small head. Infants can have low birth weight,weak muscle tune. People that have been affected can have distinctive facial features, widely set eyes, low set ears, a small jaw and a rounded face. Children can also be born with heart defect. Cri-Du-Chat Syndrome Genetic Cause: Most of it isn't inherited, a random deletion occurs in the formation of reproduction cells. 10% of children affected inherit this from an unaffected parent. It is thought that girls recieve this disease more than boys. At present it is not possible to predict how severly affected the baby will be. Cri Du Chat is the most common sydrome cause by a chromosomail deletion. Cri-Du-Chat (cat's cry) syndrome is a condition of chromosomes. Chromosome 5 is missing which effects infants to have a high pitched cry like a cat. Cri-Du-Chat syndrome occurs 1 in 20,000 to 50,000 new borns. This condition is found in all ethnic backgrounds. Tests to Diagnose: The facial features or characteristics determine what people have. Doctors also look at personal patient medical records. They take a look a family medical records too. Doctors can take laboratory tests like molecular, chromosomal, biochemical genetic testing. Treatment: It can't be cured at any time. You should help your child by helping him or her develop as much as possible. Speech therapist, occupational therapists, Physiotherapist are certain doctors to go to. Depending on your area there are nurseries and children should attend a special school.
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