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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 Creative writers in composing their work combine elements of architecture, psychology, philsophy, language, and scientific observation.I hope to learn more about incorporating these elements in to my writing Anna Venekamp Creative writing is like photography.As a photographer, I really enjoy this concept. The relationship betweenthe two is very apparent to me, like it was described in the text. your artboard Good creative writing asks questions and provides insights through careful attention to human experiencethis statement is such a sweeping generalization. Creative Writing is not: an easy way to get rich, a way to vent personal feelings, for only a few talented geniuses, rarefied, difficult, "artsy", special, dark, creepy, "emo", just for English majorsI honestly was really irritated while reading this list. It felt unnecessary to include in a textbook. Why does the publisher get to dictate what creative writing is or isn't? Shouldn't the writer get to decide what their writing's purpose is? Tension is like the bass line in a song---it's something you modulate as a writer, turning the volume up and down. To create energy, you vary the levels of tensionRelating writing to music is a really effective way for me to remember elements of creative writing because I play music often, and I understand it very well. start from scratch[clears the canvas] Images, energy, tension, pattern, insight, and revisionthings to keep in mind while writing You're practicingThis is somethingI definitely hope I remember this semester, as I have a history of berating my writing and giving up.
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