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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 Monster Crank Crank is about a girl named Kristina. She goes to visit her father in New Mexico. When she sets there she meets a boy named Adam and takes on the personality of Bree her alter ego who is everything Kristina isn't. Bree starts snorting crystal meth with Adam and becomes an addict. Soon she has to go back to her life in Nevada where she is a studious good natured girl. She goes back home and feels as if everything is changed. She becomes Bree when she isn't around her family and she stops hanging out with old friends. She meets a boy named Brendan and a boy named Chase and decides to date both of them. Brendan is a life guard that Kristina would never have had the courage to ask out. Brendan seems like a nice guy until he rapes her. Chase seems like a bad boy but he has okay intentions in the end. Chase isn't the best role model but he is a few steps up from Brendan. Chase has a meth addiction too and introduces Bree to a drug called ecstasy. Around this time Bree has learned from a cheerleader how to smoke meth. Bree gets arrested for being out past curfew and comes in direct contact with someone from a meth lab while in jail. She then becomes a drug dealer for them. Near the end of the book Kristina finds out she is pregnant and thinks that Chase is the father because they had sex. She has a clinic do a test for the father it's Brendan the boy who raped her. She considers abortion but decides to keep the baby and lay off the drugs. Can she stay clean? You have to read the next book to find out. Kristina meets Adam Bree is everything Kristina isn't. meth addict home is changed Brendan had bad intentions Brendan is the father Author: Ellen Hopkins Other books by her: Glass, Fallout,Perfect,Identical,burn,smoke Characters w/ Short DescriptionKristina: good girlBree: delinquentAdam: bad influenceBrendan: jerkChase: bad boy good heartMother: strictFather: addictStep Father: doesn't careLince: threatLeigh: wise, caring Group Role: Reporter I recorded the setting, plot, and characters Setting: Albuquerque New Mexico-Bowling Alley-Grocery Store-Dad's AparatmentReno, Nevada-Mom's house-The Mall-The Park-A Pool-Chamberland Flat
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