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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 Kristina has always been a good girl. She's been a 4.0 student her whole lifeand has been as close to a perfect daughter as you can get. But she has a secret. She has an alter ego budding inside her. Bree. The flirtatious, playful, and risky girl Kristina never was. Then one day out of the blue, Kristina receives a call from herfather who she hasn't seen in eight years. Kristina begs her mother to let her go visit her fatherwho lives in Albuquerque, New Mexico.Her mother reluctantly lets her go. This decision completely turns Kristina's life aroundfor the worse. Bree finally breaks out, and takes over Kristina.She finds out her father is a pothead who can barely keep a job. She "falls" in love with the neighbor, Buddy, or Adam as she calls him since it fits his fallen angel persona. He introduces her to crank, or crystal meth. The monster. It takes her to heights she's never been before. But when she finally comes back down, she falls. Hard.Eventually, she returns to her family in Reno, Nevada. The monster follows. When Kristina gets back, she goes to a pool party and meets Brendan and Chase. The enticing lifeguard and the bad boy with a good heart.She ends up dating both guys at the same time, one for lust and the other for legitimate love. One night, Kristina sneaks out of the house with Brendan.They go to a party where they have a few lines of meth. Brendan wants to have sex with her, but she says no.Brendan then gets mad and says she will love it and proceeds to rape her. Emotionally scarred, Kristina continues to trudge through lifefailing school, meeting a new friend named Robynwho enthusiastically does drugs with her.Kristina and her mom fight a lot and hardly ever get along. Marie tries to pry information out of Kristina wanting to know why she has been acting so differently since she got back form her visit with her dad but Bree won't let Kristina say a thing. Kristina goes to Chase for condolence and support after Leigh leaves.He becomes the first person she makes love with.Later, she finds out that she is pregnant. She ponders of when she could have started her pregnancy and realizes with horror that her child isn't Chase's. It's Brendan's.Kristina is left with the choice of aborting the baby, giving it up for adoption, or keeping it. In the end, she keeps the baby.Chase, being the good guy he is, says that he would help support her and the baby instead of going to his dream film college even though it wasn't his kid. Kristina, not wanting to take away his dream, says no. She withdraws from meth and all her drugs for the baby's health. At the end of the novel, Kristina and her family are left taking care of the baby. Kristina mentions that every once in a while when being a mother is stressful she leaves the house for a walk with the monster, because he never really leaves. Crank Written by: Ellen Hopkins Plot My Group Role: Characters Kristina Georgia Snow: The main protagonist of Crank. She is sixteen, sweet, smart, shy, modest, and tries to be perfect. Stereotypical "goody-goody".Bree: The second main antagonist of this novel.Kristina's doppelganger who is flirtatious,bold, riskyand absolutely sure of herself. Gets Kristina addicted to crystal meth.The monster: The main antagonist. Also known ascrystal meth or "crank". Pulls and drags Kristina/Bree everywhere forcing her to give in.Marie: Kristina's mother. Strict, critical, nagging and aperfectionistDad: Kristina's father who is a junkie. He has smoked pot since he was 13. Also snorts meth, smokes cigarettes, and drinks. He is selfish and careless. He can barely take care of himself let alone his daughterLeigh: Kristina's older sister who is heading for college.She is sympathetic, understanding and full of advice. She comes out as gay in the beginning of the novel.Jake: Kristina's younger half-brother. He's spoiled and always gets his way.Scott: Kristina's stepfather. He is mostly unconcernedof what Kristina does until it starts bothering Marie, and only for that reason does he begin to careBuddy/Adam: Kristina's dad's neighbor and also Kristina's first boyfriend. He is attracted to Breenot Kristina. He introduces her to meth and many other drugs.He tells Kristina he loves her even after she goes back to Nevada although it's actually just lust.Lince: Adam's other girlfriend who lives with him.Tries to commit suicide after she finds out that he was cheating on her with BreeTrent & Sarah: Kristina's friends before she goes to Albquerque. Avoid her when she comes back changed.Brendan: The good looking flirty lifeguard who is interestedin Bree. Looking for lust, he later rapes her at a party after they snort meth.Chase: Kristina's second and favored boyfriends who actually sincerely cares and loves Kristina. He prefers Kristina over Bree. However he does partcipate in drug use with her.Robyn: Trent's older sister who is a cheerleader.One of Kristina's only friends when she returns to Reno. Robyn is a bad influence participating in and encouraging drug use.Hunter: Kristina's son as a result of her rape Other Books by Ellen Hopkins: Impulse, Burned, Tricks, Fallout, Triangles, Tilt, Identical, Glass, Collateral: A novel, Perfect, Grimm, Smoked Bridge Builder Links:
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