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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 As Aeneas is taken downthe river by Charon, hewatches as the newlydead line up for Minos'judgement. Aeneas meets the Sibyl, a priestess.Aeneas prays to Apollo that the Trojans are allowed to settle in Italy.The sibyl informs Aeneas that the Greekwarrior Achilles will be a major obstacle. Aeneas searches through the forest in search of the golden branch, which hecan use to see his fatherin the underworld. Aeneas enters Dis, awaiting to crossriver Acheron. The Sibyl informs himthat those who are improperly buriedare denied access across the river. Start. Palinurus, the navigator ofAeneas's ship, was amongthe undelivered souls, thusupsetting Aeneas. Aeneas discovers the underworld's"Fields of Mourning," where thosewho had died for love inhabit. He seesDido, who he tells he had not leftof his own will. Continuing down river Acheron,Aeneas passes through a fieldof Trojan War casualties. TheGreeks run out of fear at thesight of Aeneas. Aeneas' Venture through the Underworld Aeneas and the Sybil pass afortress where those whoacted wrongly in life aretortured by Rhadamanthys,a son of Zeus. Aeneas arrives at the "Blessed Groves,"where those who acted positively in lifemay rest peacefully. It is here that Aeneasmeets with his father, Anchises, whocongratulates his son on his journeythrough the underworld. Anchises tell Aeneas ofhis journey's significance.Romulus founds Rome, aCaesar will rise as a powerfulleader, and Rome will have anage of triumph and ruling. End. Lines 119-123: Orpheus, Pollux, Theseus and Hercules all went to the underworld and returned.Line 170: Achilles challenges the gods, and Triton drowns him.Line 289: "The ghost of bodies three" refers to Geryon, the triple-bodied giant defeated by the gods after trying to overthrow Jupiter.Lines 295-297: The description of river Acheron as "mud-dark stream, wide, swirling, sucking down, sinking and rising to belch Cocytus' sands.Lines 298-301: Charon "a ragged horror, whose thick white beard lies matted upon his chin"Line 322 - Aeneas is referred to as Son of Anchises, prince of blood divine.Line 398: Amphrysian - "belonging to Apollo" Line 645: Orpheus is referred to as "the priest of Thrace."Line 805: Catalogue refers to the many tasks of Hercules.Line 838: Catalogue refers to when Aemilius Paulus defeated Perseus, who had claimed he was a descendant of Achilles.
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