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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 Water Pollution Facts70% of the industrial waste is dumped into bodies of water. My Solutions:- Don't throw trashin any bodies of water -Don't put chemicals down the drain -Pick up animal waste World Solutions: -Ensure waterways-Promote water strategies Pollutants in our Water Air Pollutants 20% This is a problem all around world. It affects our drinking water and the animals that live in the water. There are many ways you can help to prevent this problem. Industrial Water 10% Liter 5% Sewage30% Farm Runoff20% Sources: Facts:700 million people worldwide drink contaminated water Help/CareYou should care about this problembecause if we keep dirtying upthe water there will barley be any clean water left. Also the animals in the water can not survive in that kind of environment.You can help by not dirtying the water you are surrounded by. Causes Facts: Waste material was listed as the number one cause of water quality pollution in our lakes,ponds,and reservoirs. Parasites from pet waste can be passed on to children and pets.
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