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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 Project child Mail: Mobile: +96176393455 Skype ID: julien_raoul Phaxsi - Consultant Business Developper - VIE/70144/4112014 JULIEN RAOUL Dear Madam, Sir,My name is Julien. I do not exactly look like the drawing on my resume. Although I sometimes wear colorful shoes,I have never dyed my hair dark brown.In 2014, I turned a quarter of a century old, and I graduated in International Management. For 2015, I yearn to stepup a notch - I reached the limits of internships benefits -, and to stand by you in Johannesburg. As a meaning-oriented person, I am fairly and squarely keen to work on the development of green energy poweredlighting solutions in developing countries. In daily life, I regret that sunlight, which is a free and endless supply, hasnot been used as much as it could yet to enhance peoples living in a sustainable way.My educational background provided me with the tools to cope with Business Development assignments. I carried outvarious case studies at university, and a real-life project with the French high tech start-up Sigfox and a Colombiancompany named Phaxsi. During my recent internship in Cambodia, I have also been immersed within a community of entrepreneurs and managers striving to launch and/or develop various businesses. On the job as in life, I just do not give up, have a key for details, and I am full of ideas. Finally, I very appreciate beeninvolved in the thrilling and challenging start-up environment.I hope this trust you well, and look forward to hearing from you.Yours sincerely.
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