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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 Miss Emma Shawcross | 28 Beverley Road | Church Road | Liverpool | L15 9HF Mobile: 07704 788 048 | Email: | Dear Sir or Madam,Being a recent University of Liverpool Business graduate, with over 10 year's sound Administrative experience, I have developed a skill-set of notable economic value to any prospective employer. My career began as an Admin Assistant at 16, working for a local liverpool law firm by the name of Lees Llloyd Whitley; of the industries I have worked within since I left school, I very much believe the legal sector was by far the most interesting. The reasonfor this was owing to the nature of the discipline - law being extremely diversified and complex . I initially servedas a Filing Clerk for the Conveyancing Department, and slowly progressed to main point of contact for all solicitors within the Castle Street practice. Upon reflection, working for Lees Lloy Whitley provided the instrumental foundation I needed, to continue developing an extensive career within Administration.From copy typing to database management, and from re-organising filing systems to preparing fee notes, my skill set as an exerpienced Administrator over the last 14 years, has enabled me to peform optimumally withinany role I have undertaken. My 10 year's service at HM Revenue and Customs enabled me to furtherdevelop both my soft and hard skills. Be it the utilization of a global database system (SAP) or, direct one to onetraining with members of staff, my IT, collaborative and communication skills strengthened and solidified exponentially. My most recent role at Venmore Commercial demanded strong time management and organisationskills. Working directly to the Head of Commercial, it was essential I managed the department efficiently and effectively in the Head of Commercial's absence. From diary management to ensuring my workload wasprioritized, it was a pressurized role which taught me to think more logically and operate consistently. Being themain point of contact for all telephone enquiries, I was able to improve the answering rate of telephone callsreceived by over 90% from the previous year. My time at the University of Liverpool between 2009 and 2013 were the most rewarding, challenging and proudest of my personal and professional life. Entering undergraduate academia at 28 was a daunting, nonetheless, exciting experience for me, particularly knowing my cohorts were over several year's youngerthan I. Yet, through surpassing determination and with a willingess to succeeed, I faught against any doubtswhich arose and persisted against any adversities I encountered. My ability to work against tight deadlinesand targets was tested beyond what I could have possibly envisaged. During one particular week in my 2nd year, I ran a Young Enterprise Initiative project as part of my Entrepreneurship module, in addition to submitting two separate reports - 5,000 and 3,000 words respectively. The first year was testing and very much a learning curve for timemanagement, however during my 3rd year of studies, I was able to organize my time more efficiently. It was very much the 'prevention is better than cure' approach, insofar that it was better to prevent stress and anxiety, than havingto encounter and eliminate it.Being incredible resilient, I am very quick to learn and adapt, making this my biggest strength within my skill-set.From experiencing significant operational change during the merger years at HMRC in 2005, to being made redundant in my most recent job role, I have a positive mental attitude which encourages me to make lemonadeout of the lemons life hands to me during times of adversity.Working for Weightmans would be a fantastic opportunity because firstly, it is the number 1 respected law firmin Liverpool and top 45 law firm in the UK. Secondly, it is a firm which operates for the greater good and respect of itsstaff: "we know you want to work for a firm where teamwork and respect matters" ( Finally, it would genuinely be an honour and pleasure to be dressed in a smart suit, walking along Old Hall Street,and entering your premises 5 days per week for a very long time.I thank you for your time and look forward in anticipation to hearing from you.Yours faithfully, Emma Shawcross
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