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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 Westersingel 41d 9718 CD Groningen +316 13346277 Herengracht 597 1017 CE Amsterdam ear Sir, Madam, An international work environment that combines hospitality, travelling, e-commerce and marketing. This must be my dream job! As a graduate with a BBA in International Hospitality Management and a MSc in Marketing, is the ideal company for me. By means of this letter, I would like to apply for the position of Webmarkting Data Scientist. D I recently graduated my master degree in Marketing, in which I combined two tracks; Marketing Management and Marketing Intelligence. During my study I gained great interest in Marketing Intelligence, in analyzing large amounts of data and gaining insights from data. I am interested in transforming datainto insights on which business decisions can be based. During my education I have learned to applycomplex statistical techniques to do so, and I got familiar with different statistical software packages. In the past six months I had the opportunity to apply my knowledge in real business situations. I wrote my master thesis with the topic Marketing Accountability: The Effectiveness of Media (Synergies). I applied the analyses of my thesis to a large dataset of consumer electronics retailer Mediamarkt. Moreover I carried out a research project commissioned by energy provider Nuon, whereby I investigated the drivers of Nuons most important customer metrics using consumer data. Besides this, I gained professional experience as a Junior Market Researcher at the market research agency Kien. Besides research tasks, I am also responsible for the online marketing of Kien. This, amongst other things, involves setting up and analyzing paid search marketing campaigns. Application Webmarketing Data Scientist Groningen, 13-02-2015 I am interested in the position of Webmarketing Data Scientist because this position enables me to develop and apply my analytical skills. Besides that, it would be great to work for since it combines all my interests. In the past I studied International Hospitality Management. I am familiar with, and interested in the products is offering. Moreover, I love to travel and have been abroad multiple times (among others to Thailand, Indonesia and Tunisia). I am enthusiastic to be part of an international work environment. K irsten Stoer Overall, I am very motivated to start my career at I very much look forward to an opportunity to meet in person, and to further discuss my application. Thank you in advance for your time and consideration. Yours sincerely,
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