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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 BREAKING NEWS Controversy Confirmed in the Catholic Church Attacks on Catholic ideas have been disturbing the peace throughout Western Europe, creating dissension and confusion among once-faithful Catholic believers. Read below to see the leaders of this revolution! Martin Luther Martin Luther is by far the most outlandish of the rebels, and is rumored to have started the entire scandal. He is the leader and founder of the anti-Catholic branch "Lutheranism" John Calvin Second to Luther is John Calvin, the leader of the "Calvinist" branch, His religion focuses on the concept of salvation before birth, or "predestination", and he is said to be a strict and austere man. King Henry VIII Perhaps most alarming of all is that King Henry VIII, formerly crowned a "defender of God" by the Pope of Rome, is also detaching himself and his country of England from the Catholic Church. His branch of Christianity, called the Anglican branch, is ruled by him and him alone. Lutheranism Calvanism Anglicanism - Salvation through faith- Bible is the only true word of God- 2 sacraments: Baptism and Communion - Salvation is determined before birth by God (saved= the elect)- Follow Bible- Sin is only committed by those not elected- Elected show through good works and refraining from comfort- 2 sacraments - Salvation reached through good works and faith- King is the main interpreter of God's word, with the Bible- Worship was free, as long as worshippers were loyal to the King- Followed 2 sacrements
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