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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 Courtney DiehlINFOGRAPH HABBLMr. WoodbridgeGovernment P.5 Starting in the House... PRESIDENT Reading of the bills for the first time by the clerk. Majority of thepeople sign thecompromise bill. Separation of bills by the majority leader GETS DESIGNATED A NUMBER BEFORE GOING TO COMMITTEE This only happens in the house. RulesCommittee comes before bills go to the floor for debate. Usually 1-2 hours of debate per bill 1st Reading isthe Introduction of the bill RULES COMITTEE Speaker of the House appoints all majoritymembers to the committee and exertsgreat influence overthe committee. After 3rd Reading,the bill getspassed to anotherchamber andrepeats the above steps. Send to the ALL BILLS GO TO STANDING COMMITTEE TO DECIDE THEIR FATE Both parties get equal debate time. Sometimes 4-10 hours. Standing Committee is where the bill's success getsdetermined. How a Bill Becomes a Law If the bill passes again, it goes to The most controversial billsend up here. Members normally get drawn fromthe committee who reportedthe bill. 3 MAIN OPTIONSOF BILLS NO AMENDMENTSALLOLWED ATTHIS POINT. POCKET VETO- If Congress has less than 10 days in term, it kills the bill. SIGN BILL- making it law. REFUSE ACTION- making it law after 10 days. VETO- returning it back to Congress. COMMITTEE TO SEND 90% STANDING of the workis done here. of the bills get killed. PASS AMMEND KILL 90% who can... It sets limits for debateand amendment of the bill. This can also determine thebill's outcome. 2ND READING 3RD READING Once changes get made to a bill, they read through them again to check again before sending it off. CONFERENCE COMMITTEE 10%-15% HABBL
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