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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 *resources Types of Court Martial Military Court Martial Court Martial Process Arraigment Court-Member Panel Pretrial Conference Pretrial Hearing General Court Martial Special Court Martial Summary Court Martial A judge will inform the coordinates of a trial. Discusses who will be part of the jury and who the judge will be. Voir Dire and Challenges As they ask the service member if they plead guilty or not guilty. The commander descends who will be part of the jury. This is there military duty for the moment. You will have towait to be able get a trial by getting a chanceto ask questions Trial on the Merits As they are able to pic themembers of the case then you are able to start the case double click to changethis text! Drag a cornerto scale proportionally. Rules of Evidence The system in which that the evidence of the trial is presented Defense Counsel In a Special and Generalcourt-martial theyhigher and attorney for the service member Closing Aruguement This is when they talkabout if the service member is guilty or not Dilberation and Voting They vote to see if the service member isguilty or not Sentencing Proceeding If the service member is guilty then they give them your punishment This is for membersthat are enrolling in service If they are guilty thenyou will have a confinement or two-thirds pay in a month Has an attorney and a judge. If guilty then they will lose 12 of confinement and two-thirds of pay for12 months Gets an attorney and ajudge with 5 memberson the jury. If guilty thenthey will be accused bythe Manual for Court-Martials offenses
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