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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 Taking Courses and What is Needed for Graduation There are certain courses that you must take (and pass),in order to graduate. Other courses are optional,but some (even though not a must) may be good to take depending on what you want to do after you graduate. It may be go to post secondaryor just go straight into the workforce. Schools and courses accommodatefor what you want to do. The schools will help you make a plan. The Mandatory Courses There are a few mandatory coursesthat you must take...-Planning 10-Language Arts 10,11,12-A Mathematics 10,11 or 12-Fine Arts & Applied Skills 10,11 or 12-Social Studies 10,11 or 12-Science 10,11 or 12-Physical Education 10 Those following coursesrequire exams...-Language Arts 10-Science 10-Mathematics 10-Social Studies 11 or 12-Language Arts 12Some of the courses have different optionsthat let you choose from different sciences,language arts, social studies and different maths. Elective Courses You will need 28 credits fromelectives to graduate. If you take2 required courses from the samesubject one will count as anelective. With electives you getto pick courses that you areinterested in, and that representyourself. It makes your day alittle more relaxing! Depending on your school,will depend on what electives you can choose from. In order to findout more about electives at yourschool, talk to your school counselor. Credits You will need at least 80 credits to graduate. 28being from electives, and 48 from requiredcourses.Your grad transitionswill be worth 4 credits. Mostcourses you take you will recieve4 credits for.
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