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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 breakfast Costume design for anti-protagniostcharacter- Jake (as played byTaylor Blundell) Costume Clothing- Final SceneOutfit Hairstyle Accessories Clothing- Casual Outfit In the final scene the male character wears a suit as a romantic gesture to win his partner back.For the suit I took inspiration from my past research through myPinterest boards into stylistic influences from the 60steddy boy fashion and the modern day iconography of The Arctic Monkey's front man, Alex Turner. Also through the audience research I found that The Arctic Monkeys were seen as one of the key current artistswithin the indie genre. By linking it to these artists andtime periods it helps to createhomage to them thoughstyle choices. Using a collection of Taylor's clothes I decided on a plain monochrome suit witha black tie, if I furtherwanted to symbolize theforeshadowing and visualrepresentation of themessage I aim to constructabout cheating I could makethe tie the same colour as theprop; the female pants to linkthe two together. For this I tookinspiration formanother key cureent artist- The 1975's frontman Matt Healy as well as iconic past artist Steven Morrisey For the primary costume design I wanted a casual outfit to fit with the grunge causal look of most male indie fans, throughneutral tones and fashion trends I found through my research on Pinterest and Tumblr. I put togther a range of outfit for Taylor to try on and decide on a plain grey, black andburgundy look, I chose this look as it was simple yet effectivein how I wanted to represnt the character. Through being plainyour eye it more attracted to Behtany as her clothing is more colourful and graphic. As well as the neutral tones rather than being peaceful tones such as creams and blues these colours can connote to the audience him as the darker characetr. I chose these artistic as they were casualin this style yet still recogniasble to the genre. I chose cusal knitwear, black jeansand a grey top, contrasting well togwetherand against Bethany. To further link to Steven Morrisey's style Taylor has also agreed to wear his glasses for the piece. For the hair style I found that male's hairstyles are seen as messy yet stylistic. I got inspiration for Alex Turner and Matt Healy in terms of their quiff yet messy hair, texturising Taylor's hair and heating it up with a comb. For assecories there will only be one which will be hisglasses which can create homage to Buddy Holly andSteven Morrisey who have both impacted the musicindustry massively and are seen as icons to the industry for their past contributions to music.
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