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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 Costs and BenefitsMorality Vs Power Benefits of Power Good-The Church was an amazing place for Christians that worshiped andrespected the Church a lot. The Churchused herecy to distinguish the loyal followers of church and got rid of everyone else that did not follow in their beliefs. Bad-The Church did bad things to people who did not worship God,Jesus Christ. This was called heresy. The church believed that anyone thatdid not follow the Church's beliefs arebad and should be killed. Costs of Power Medici brings wealth to Florence. The familyalso finished the Dome in Florence givingthe Florentines a sense of completion and success. Too much power will not be good for the societyor for the person that is in power. For societycorruption may happen because the person inpower may think that no one can do anything.It is bad for the person in power because ifthe leader is corrupt then the society will targethim and elect a new leader, Patrons are like a status symbol and may makethe social classes under feel jealous of having apersonal artist. The location of place where the leader ruled effected their reign. Benefits of Morality Costs of Morality Religion was a big moral, and heresy wasnot taken lightly and was given the punishment of death if heresy is committed. Individualism is a big moral and had developednew ideas for people because the peopleare allowed to think in their own way. The church's beliefs and morals were constantly creating a dispute in the artistic world. Pope's with power would control people becauseof the position that they held and they wouldmake decisions based only on if that would help themselves. By: Rohit Yerram The people chose Christianity sothey could all believe in one godand be united under one religion. The church made people believe that they neededto have a religion, which was not good.
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