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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 Morality Feudalism Knighthood Power and Morality Power and Morality Power generally is only exerted to those in higherpower and wealth (feudalism) the more common andaverage civilians withlittle to no power. This limitationbrought forth daily strugglesfor those who were not necessarilyborn into a higher status. Leading to.. Cost The power held in the hands ofthe more fortunate ones, higherup in the system was generallymaintained just within the higher statuses. Benefits Leading to.. the power holders automatically retainingall of the power, in the higher parts of the feudal system, and were given all of thedecision making. These advantages werepaired with wealth and luxuries. Knights were expectedto follow the code ofchivalry at all times. Thisled to some almost impossibleexpectations that allowed absolutely no room for failure. This constant pressure could beoverwhelming. Knights would carrythe expectations of always being civil and always following thecode of knighthood as long as theyfulfilled the title of being a loyal knight. Cost Benefits It is a great honor to be a knight in the middle ages. If one was a knight, and followed the code of knighthood, he was seen as an ideal man. He also possessed a large amount of respect throughout manylands, the rule of courtly love would be obeyed between he and the lady of the house and he would fend for the weak or less fortunate, and always decipher good over bad. Power Power Trading/Industrial Growth Benefits Cost Having the power to trade, increases the possibleconsequence of disease and harmful foreignobjects or substances to increase. An example is the Black Plague, it was transmitted through atick on an oriental rat. The Black Plague was origin-ated in Central Asia. Having the power to helpenhance the economy and create more powerfor a country by trading, comes with some unknown mysteries in which may contain someconsequences of possible illnesses transmittedthrough the trading industries. Trading and industrial growth increases the power in a country due to the connectionstrading can advance. As the amount of tradeincreases, the strength of the economyincreases as well. More trade is the equivalentto wealth increase which then expanses thestrength and overall power of a country. Citations: The Black Death, Part 1. Dir. Lisa Dudgeon. Perf. Lisa Dudgeon. YouTube, 2014. YouTube Video.
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