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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 Cost and Benefits of Morality and Power COST BENEFITS POWER BENEFITS COST BY: JORDAN HALL The powerful crown MORALITY -Lord has power over people who live in the manor -Medici- create powerful banking system=$$$$ money -christianity unified people -church owned lots of land -Government and church would have little to none disagreement (since the church was very powerful the government tried to agree more than possible) -renaissance brought in creativity and roman and greek styles back-Crusades brought in new foods and spices and fashion -very little money in general society-Rome's fall-The war of roses; two powerful families at war-people get in the way and die -people could hate the lord -Lord could abuse power -leader could have enemies, fear for lives -church controls all aspects of life-individualism: allowed people to realize that they are unique and they are not suppose to act like someone they are not-Humanism: caused people to drive people for perfection-Code of chivalry: guide to show how one acts-believe again in the power of Christianity -patronage: resulted in art boom-people had hope during the black death -when a problem happened people lost faith(the black death)- men who think women shouldn't be educated(they thought it would damage their morals and they wouldn't be as pure
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