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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 Cost and Benefits Power | Morality The main question: Which was more important during the Renaissance and Middle Ages, gaining power or keeping morality? Power Feudalism: Benefit: New government system in Middle Ages provides more power and money to places/areas Cost: Extreme differences in classes could have caused problems and conflicts The Medici: Benefit: The family finished construction of Dome in Florence, symbolized power and success for the Florentines Cost: Had a lot of enemies because of power. It was also very difficult for them (and other wealthy families) to maintain power Patronage: Benefit: Helps artists and symbolizes a person's power; like a political system Cost: Being a patron is a status symbol and causes a social divide between people/classes of people Patronage The Medici Feudalism Morality Benefit: Individualism led to new morals and strong individual achievement/recognition Cost; The morals created were different to old morals and old ideas clashed with new Benefit: Christianity became the main/official religion in many areas, unifying people in one faith Cost: People were forced to believe in one religion, and people may not be very supportive of the church; causes religious dispute Benefit: Humanism is coming back from classical times and is influencing art and culture Cost: New humanistic views and ideas cause conflict between non-humanists and humanists Christianity Humanism Individualism Gaining power was more important than keeping morality to some people in the Renaissance, and new ideas changed people's morals
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