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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 Cost s Benefit s vs. Morality | Power The time periods known as the Middle Ages and Renaissance were ages of improvement in all aspects of life.These eras had individual accomplishments and losses and these triumphs and defeats were impacted by people and events which either benefited or were detrimental to the time period. Education Pope Julius II Renaissance Man Patronage Bonfire of the Vanities Men against Women's education Charlemagne Great Schism Vested Interests Priestly Influence Emperor supports alliance Pope Julius II assumes the Papal Throne and begins the Roman Golden Age by rebuilding Rome and reinstating its reputation of high moral standard and therefore ensures the prosperity of the Papacy Education led to further advancements in technologyas well as initiating the Renaissance through the Florentine School of Art which revived Italian Art and its principles A Renaissance Man had the characteristics of an ideal being at the time and his behavior influenced the general public The Great Schism brought questions about the legitimacy and principles of the church and caused a rift between the Eastand West The belief that education would destroy women's morals was enforced by men and hindered the advancement of women in society and also the advancement of the world The difference in principles of the people of the Roman Catholic and Eastern Orthodox Churches caused difficulties in the reunionof the respective churches; this did not succeed With the alliance of the government, the Church had a backing with a legal hold over the people who could support the Church in any way necessary Charlemagne's administration had a great impact on the advancement of Europe in terms of the importance of religion. Charlemagne's unrelenting support for the Church resulted in his title of Holy Roman Empire and the merging of government and religion Patronage furthered the extent to which art was regarded. It encouraged the rise of the art industry and the cultural movement known as the Renaissance The Bonfire of the Vanities was the result of a narrow minded official with eyes for his cause only and did not have appreciation for the culture of the time period. He was only able to cause this due to his power over thepeople During the Middle Ages and Renaissance, the priests of the Church were the only people who the public looked up to in order to live respectfully. Thisoften meant that the Church was able to influence the people to believe orfollow their personal beliefs, sometimes resulting in tragedy or scandal,such as the Crusades Benefits Benefits Costs Costs Family rivalries Family rivalries were one of the main causes of economic instability in the Renaissance. The continuous struggle for power resulted in brief periods of blankness in terms of money and creativity
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