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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 Loss of territories - productive land,industries and raw resources Are cosmic rays How does this affect us as people? Cosmic Rays and the affect on Earth (or Space) Believe it or not, when you ride on a plane, you are gettingmore radiation (like cosmic rays), since you are closer toouter space. This doesn't affect you drastically, but peoplefly daily (like flight attendants and pilots) are being damaged.They are exposed to more radiation, which studies show thatit increases the risk of developing diseases like skin cancer. No, in fact: studies show that scientists believe that cosmic rays play a big part in the formation of cloud formation (see diagram above and upper right corner) The chart above represents the difference of water particle sizes whencosmic rays are present and not. The blue dots (with cosmic rays) provesthat Cosmic Rays have an affect on cloud formation. The units are in nano-meters, which are one-billionth of a meter. Cosmic rays are actuallynot considered a part ofthe EM spectrum by a majority of scientists. Theyonce were because yearsbefore, when scientistsfirst discovered cosmic 'rays they were mistaken as electromagnets. There are specific labs and machines that help scientistssee cosmic rays and particles,but the bare human eye can notsee cosmic ray particles. Can see Cosmic Ray Particles? How Where are Cosmic Rays on the EM spectrum? Cosmic Rays travel at an incredible speed,almost as fast as the FAST are Cosmic Rays? SPEED OF LIGHT! Left: A picture ofCosmic Ray particlesbeing distributed fromouter space to Earth. ALL bad? Does that mean that are affected by Cosmic Rays on ground? No, we are not. The particles are not dangerous to uswhen we are close to the ground. Since the particlestravel a long way just to hit our surface, lots of energy is lost, therefore being less dangerous on land. However;sometimes the passing of Cosmic Rays through you bodycan leave some of your body fluids ionized for a fewseconds. As you can imagine, the people most affected by Cosmic Rays are astronauts. In fact, this is a major concern for people whowork to improve the safety of the astronauts in outer space. The energy of the particles are drastically higher when in space, therefore creating the risk of too much radiation. A solution to this problem is for astronauts to wear protective gear, and to build the spaceship so that there is less risk. Years ago, leadwas used in the suit, but because of the safety threats, new substitutions have been found. is most affectedby Cosmic Rays? WHO I is considered a Cosmic Ray? WHAT WE Interesting Fact: about Cosmic Rays pass through you every second! 30 Cosmic Rays were discovered in 1912 by Victor Hess. "Cosmic Rays bombarding Earth" The diagram above shows whatscientists believe may bethe process in which CosmicRays help cloud formations.
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