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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 Corporate Travel History Loss of territories - productive land,industries and raw resources BUSINESS & LEISURE TRAVEL BUSINESS & LEISURE TRAVEL = 10 Billion US Dollars US Dollars Spent Abroad 1960s CRS created Travel is Managedby Departmentsas a BudgetaryExpense US Dollars Received from International Travelers Trips annually An Introduction to Corporate Travel Management Growth Innovations Partnerships REASONS FOR BUSINESS TRAVEL Business Leisure 452,000,000 1,600,000,000 $'s Spent $266.5 Billion $621 Billion Ticket Stock Provided for Corporate Travel Departments 1970s Airline Deregulation Frequent Flyer Programs Travel Departmentsact as InternalTravel Agents CRS Adopted byTravel Agencies National PassengerAssociation isFounded 1980s 1990s Introduction of Travel Management Companies ACTE is Founded CRSs Become GDSs NPTA Becomes NBTAACTE is Founded Travel Management Becomes a StandanrdFunction Airlines Begin CorporateDiscount Programs Preferred Hotel ProgramsAre Developed CBTs are Introduced Airlines Divest TheirGDS Ownership 2000s CBTs Become Mainstream Globaization Corporate Procurementand Finance Increase Trends and Forecasts Gamification GreenerTravel MobileTechnology Economic Effects of Travel Industry * 133.9 Billion Dollars of Tax Revenue Generated Annually * 209.5 Billion Dollars in Wages for Workers Employed by Travel * No. 1 US Export Hotels Airlines CarRentals ResourcesUS Travel Answer Sheet The Changing Role of Travel Management
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