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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 The Physical Characteristics of the Pembroke Welsh Corgi Head: Foxy in shapeand appearance. Ears: Erect, firm, and of medium size, tapering slightly to a rounded point. Eyes: Oval, medium in size.Variations of brown in harmonywith coat color. Eye rims dark,preferably black. Nose: Black and fully pigmented. Mouth: Scissors bite, the innerside of the upper incisors touchingthe outer side of the lower incisors.Level bite is acceptable. Forequarters: Legs - short, forearmsturned slightly inward, with the distancebetween wrists less than between theshoulder joints. Pasterns firm and nearlystraight when viewed from the side.Shoulder blades long and well laid back.Elbows parallel to the body. Feet-Oval,with the two center toes slightly inadvance of the two outer ones. Height: Should be 10 to 12 inches. Weight: in proportion to size,not exceeding 30 pounds formales and 28 pounds for females. Color: The outer coat is usually red, sable, fawn,black and tan with or without white markings.White is typical on the legs, chest, neck, muzzle,underparts and as a narrow blaze on the head. Coat: Medium length;short, thick, weather-resistant undercoatwith a coarser, longerouter coat. Hindquarters: Strong andflexible, moderately angulatedat the stifle and hock. Thighsare well muscled. Hocks areshort, parallel, and when viewedfrom the side are perpendicularto the ground. Feet - sameas the front. Tail: Usually docked asshort as possible. Body: Rib cage is wellrounded, slightly egg-shaped and moderatelylong. Deep chest well letdown between the front legs. Topline: Firm and level, neitherriding up to nor falling away atthe hind end. Neck: Fairly long with sufficient length to provide overall balance of the dog. Proportions: Moderatelylong and low.
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