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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 FIREHOUSE grill and pub Coke $2.05RB $2.05Water $1.00Lemonade $2.00Dr.pepper $2.05Sprite $2.05Raspberry tea $1.50Green tea $1.50 menu Drinks Entrees Chicken phillie wrap $3.69Jalapeño cheese cake $4.39Chicken (fried or not fried) $7.93Steak $7.97Shrimp $7.97Buffalo chicken $7.93Bone-in strip steak $13.971/2 slab of ribs $10.17Full slab of ribs $12.95Chicken alfredo $11.99Chicken parmesan $6.59pasta $4.99 Side dishes FH onion straws $1.98Curly fries $2.00Mac n'cheese $2.00Baked potato $3.00Fresh veggies $2.00 Desserts Deep fried twinkies $2.99Candy bar sundaes $1.99Molten lava cake $5.99Strawberry cheese cake $3.99Regular cheese cake $2.99 Check Corey:You ate,shrimp $7.97,steak $7.97,RB 2.05,baked potato 3.00,deepfried twinkies 2.99.Total:$23.98Michael:You ate,steak $7.97,shrimp $7.97,RB,$2.05, curly fries $2.00,molten lava cake $5.99.Total:$25.98Arossa:You ate,a chicken phillie wrap $3.69,buffalo chicken $7.93,water $1.00,mac n'cheese $2.00,cheese cake$2.99.Total:17.61 Over all total:$101.73 Explanation Santiago:You ate, full slab of ribs $12.95,coke $2.05,1/2 slab of ribs $10.17,baked potato $3.00,molten lava cake $5.99 total:$34.16 Michael,Arossa,Corey,and Santi went to Firehouse.The total price was $101.73.They each need to pay $25.44 dollars.I divided the total price by four to see what each person payed.I had to round up the price because it was not even.
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