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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 Role Plays Best Practices Small and large group exercises Group presentations Prerequisites Objectives 3.5 days All New Sales Representatives Efficiently target and penetrate large accounts Understanding language of executives Identify Key Executives and Stakeholders Uncover pain points and Key Success Factors Recognize buyer profiles Utilize the Integrated Account Review document Discuss multi-carrier strategies for achieving business objectives CORE III WORKSHOP CORE IV WORKSHOP Who Should Attend Successful completion of the New Hire Kit Complete Core II program, purchase and complete reading of SPIN Selling Fieldbook Achieve passing grade of 80 or above in open book quiz on SPIN Selling Fieldbook Length Who Should Attend All Sales Representatives who have completed Core II or have a designation of Specialist or Major Account Executive Length 3-5 days Who Should Attend This workshop is invitation only Content Discussions between GMs Dominick Pennacchio, Christopher OBrien and Mike Cintolo will determined participants. Discussions will include:Mastering The Complex SaleFinance Made EZExecutive SellingIntegrated Account ReviewCreating Alignment With Individuals With Silos With The Industry Customer Communication MgmtDocument Output WorkflowInitial Executive Pre-Call Role PlayAssessment ProcessRole Play Initial Executive InterviewExecutive PresentationsSales Tools Content Expectations Strategically penetrate a targeted large account at an executive level and conduct an exploratory discussion with an executive. Discussions include: Understanding and analyzing annual reports. Understanding key financial language which includes: Integrated Account Review document which will allow you to set up winning strategies and communication in selling situations. ACCESS large accounts and learn new strategies for creating combustion within an account and move customer toward acquiring a solution. Understand DiSK to communicate better and improve sales relationships.
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