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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 Dear diary, I was battling the Aztecs, the reason you ask? Well, i might have captured their emperor and wanted him so, yeah. got to go and defeat them, see you tomorrow, maybe. From, Hernando Cortes Trade impacted their civilizations because, they had gotten many goods that made them better. Religion impacted their civilization because they thought that if they did something to offend their gods, there would bad consiquences. Geography impacted them because, depending on where they live, life would be easy or hard. The Mayans had..... 1. They had very goodmedical technices. 2. They practied blood sacrifices. 3. Dec 21 2012 was a cosmic event to them. They are similar because, they are mesoamerican civilizations. They are also polytheistic. The Incas had....... 1. They had a mountain village.2. They had skull surgeries.3. They were the first to grow potatoes in peru. The Aztecs had...... 1. They were best known for eating chocolate 2. They sacrificed alot. 3. They were very artistic people. Ollma, or soccer is one of the inventions of the Aztecs, they used a rubber ball that represented the moon. They also had two rings representingthe sunrise and sunset. They were a violent civilization so the losing team was sacrificed. The people who were watching had to wear protective clothing because it was a very violent game. What happened to the Mayans? 1. Disease 2. Warfare 3. Famine Mayans Time: until 300BC Government: A collection of city states. Religion: Polytheistic Aztecs Time:1100 CE to 1200 CE Government: Very organized. Religion: Polytheistic Inca Time: 20,000 years Government: Taxy Religion: Polytheistic Aztec Tenolochi Maya inca Machu Pichu
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