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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 I did find the Code of Best Practices useful. Most of the information was not new to me, but I do find it interesting that there are not more strict guidelines for using material. This is a good and bad thing - it can make educators wary of understanding appropriate use, but it also gives educators freedom to create relevant, educational lessons.I like that the purpose of copyright is to "promote the advancement of knowledge throughbalancing the rights of owners and users" ( Original Remi x vs. unique new creation | borrowed inspiration SLIDE TO UNLOCK Steve Jobs made a bold claim about inventing multi-touch. Apple used many technical components that were already in existence to create their own products. It is easier to agree with all of the "borrowing" until it is your ideas that have been borrowed. I do agree that everything is a remix. While we are capable of original ideas, new creations and/or products were likely inspired by something that already existed. "New creation inevitably incorporates existing material." (NCTE, 2008)Ferguson stated that "Creations are property that we are all building on. Creations only take root and grow once that ground has been prepared." iPhone: left to right Kindle Fire: right to left Well played, Amazon! Even though Bob Dylan played with existing melodies and words, the end product was a new creation even though not completely original. I think we should be able to borrow, tweak, add, and subtract to create a product that is uniquely our own. My best classroom practice has been to (every day!) exactly what I expect from my students. I always cite images and videos used in my lessons and when the time comes that students will need to cite resources, I use my own citations as a talking point. It is beneficial to show them examples and non-examples of proper use. We need to have conversations similar to Novella Bailey. (Understanding 'Fair-Use' in a Digital World, 2012) model
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