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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 Copy Understanding What is a Copyright? Right "the legal right to be the only one to reproduce,publish, and sell a creative work ie; book, musical recording, picture, etc." - Merriam Webster's dictionary definition Copyright infringement is when someone does not adhere to thecopyright restrictions in place or doesnot get permission from the creatorof a work to use or distribute their work.The Canadian Government has a Copyright act in place that prevents infringement and defines what is protected by copyright and defines copyright infringement in Canada. Copyright Infringement Creative Commons Traditional Copyright V.S. ( Traditional copyright laws prohibit any work to be distributed by any other person without permission. But copyright is a very case-by-case issue and is not easilydefined. Creative Commons however, can fall into 6 different licenses,and they are as follows... Attribution No Derivative Non-Commercial Share-a-like This requires that the author is given credit. It is a part of every copyright. This says a change to the work or only a part of the work still falls under the copyright. This allows the work to be shared. This requires that the work not be used to gain profit. Fair Dealing Section 29 of the CanadianCopyright Act states..."Fair dealing for the purposeof research, private study,education, parody or satiredoes not infringe copyright." Always Check before you copy!
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