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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 Maturity of mind is the capacity to endure uncertainty. 7 THINGSTOKNOWABOUTCOPYRIGHT What is copyright and why is it so important to follow rules when borrowing? WHAT EXACTLY IS COPYRIGHT? FAIRDEALINGSometimes for school, you have to use things other people thought of! When you do, this is called fair dealing.As long as you aren't plagiarizing, you cannot get in trouble for copyright infringement with fair dealing. COPYRIGHT INFRINGEMENTThis is another way of sayingyou broke the copyright laws. You didn't have permission to use the words or ideas you did. This can lead to very badconsequences. Make sure youalways have permission to borrow! PLAGIARISMUsing the exact same words or ideasas somebody elsewithout saying that youborrowed their words.This is the same as STEALING! Make sureyou always say if and where you borrowed information from! ACADEMIC INTEGRITY It is important to alwaysbe honest when using other peoples ideas!Be ethical and honestand you can't getaccused of plagiarism! PARAPHRASING Retelling what someone else already said but using your own words! You still have to say where you got the idea, but the wording comes fromYOU! REFERENCE LISTThis helps the reader find outwhere you got all your ideas from. This way, they can go find the sameitems you found, and make sure you didn't plagiarize anything. You need a reference list to not get inany trouble! OPEN EDUCATIONAL RESOURCEThese items are selected to have no copyrights ... they are meantto be used for school assignmentsand are available to everybody.Open copyright rules exist withthese resources, so they are perfect to use for school! Well, let's begin with a song explainingexactly what copyright is! (Please go back to my ePortfolioand watch the video embedded there)
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