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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 The Basics Copyright BooksMusicMovies and VideosPicturesPrograms and Apps What can have a Copyright?Some Examples Include: Why should I care? Copyright Laws are apart of the CanadianConstitution and FederalLaw. Failing to meetcopyright laws can havemajor consequences. Copyright literally means the right to copy. Although it is easy to determine who owns a house, car, shirt, or computer intellectual property is more difficult to determine its ownership. Copyright laws make it clear who has the right to claim ownership of something. Copyrights last as longas the life of the personwho owns the copyrightand an additional fiftyyears! Public Domain means thatthe product belongs to the public and that copyright has either run out or was never required in the firstplace. Public domain itemsare free for anyone to use without the requirement of a license Citation is so important!It protects you by givingcredit to the creator of thework. If you don't cite your sources, you have plagiarized! What is Intellectual Property?This is the official word forworks made with the mind. They are not, in and of themselves, physical but can become physical (ex: books). Plagiarism is taking creditfor someone else's work. This can be done by notciting properly, or at all,handing in someone else'sassignment as your own, etc. Does it have a Copyright?You need to get permissionfrom the owner before youcan use it. Some users create digital locks to prevent usage of the product without proper payment and/orpermission. If you are hittinga dead end online, this maybe why. Be smart! Give Credit to the Owner!Ask Permission!Understand the Laws!
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