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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 What's the Deal With Copyrights? Copyright law - something that was made to keep original works safe. It protects the people who made the originalworks. Copyrights have to do with things that are not really there; stuff that cannot be owned like a dog or a bikecan be. Fair Dealing - when there is an exception to the copyright thatpermits some limited copying fora few specific reasons. Some of thereasons:ResearchPrivate StudyNews ReportingReview Digital locks - things copyrightowners use to prevent their material from being used without their permission. These locks can be in the form of passwords, access codes, etc. Pubic Domain - When material belongsto the public. After the lifetime of the person who made the materialplus 50 years, that material will becomepart of the public domain. Intellectual Property - the name of the original material thatbelongs to its creator. Copyright law is important becauseyou have to be aware of it. You don'twant to be breaking the law while you are doing school projects. Digital locks are good because then you do not accidentally usematerial you are not allowed to be using. Sometimes there are good reasons tobe an exception from copyright law.You have to make sure you areactually an exception though, don't just think you are. If you know that materialis public domain, you have the right to use it howeveryou want to. In school projects,for example, you can only use certain public domain images. When you use intellectual propertyin school work, you must cite them. Access Copyright - a group that protects the rights of people to make sure that theyget the royalties when other people usetheir works. This is important because if youhad material that the public had access to, you wouldn't want justanyone using it for nothing. Important Things to Know and Think About ~Everything is Interconnected~
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