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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 Copyright: What You Need to Know What is protected under Copyright Law? - Music- Art (photographs, paintings, sculpture, drawings)- Literary Work (a book, play, poem)- Dramatic Works (a movie, a screenplay) - A Performer's Performances Sources: on: 30 Jan 2015 How long does copyright last? Generally, copyright protection is for the the lifespan of the creator, plus 50 years after he/she dies. Afterwards, the work becomes public domain. There are special terms that can be applied that would alter this general rule. What is Copyright? The sole right to produce or reproduce a work (or a portion of it) in any form. If the work is unpublished, copyright includes the right to publish the work. How does this effect me? You need to be aware of how to properly access and cite works to avoid plagiarism. When you claim someone else's work as your own or cite it incorrectly that is plagiarism. What are digital locks? Digital locks may be used by copyright holders to protect theirwork from being illegally downloaded or tampered with. Under Canadian Copyright Lawa digital lock must not be hackedor tampered with for any reason. Copyright protects the creator(s) of a piece of work. See your role as giving due credit to the source of your favourite piece of music, work of art, or movie. Properly citing works is an excellent academic habit to form now. Academic integrity is essential for students and professionals: it means you are honestly representing yourself and others. If you have questions: ASK! Citations can be tricky, but there is plenty of help available.
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