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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 New Port Richey Orlando Key West Miami Florida is the house for the Kennedy Space Center.It is the ideal place because when a rocket comes down, it lands in the ocean. Tallahasee Tampa Lake Okeechobee Gulf of Mexico 1513 1845 1861 1891 1941 1945 Juan Ponce de Leoncomes to Florida. Florida becomes a state. Civil War begins Henry Plant opens the Tampa Bay Hotel WWII begins WWII ends 1. Pioneers were people who traveled to new lands from others and lived there. 2. They were very brave and bold. 3. They were called crackers because of the sounds their whips make. People who are doing their civic duties are helping the environment. All About Famous Floridians John James Audobon came to florida in search of American birds. Henry Flagler built the overseas railroad. Henry Plant built what is now the Tampa University Judical can vote out laws Legislative Executive Responsible for implementing Creates the laws The local government make policiesof local issues.The state governmentis run by the use of the state constitution Henry Plant Henry Flagler Florida grows oranges and makes about 2 - 4 million dollars each year off of them. Florida tourism makes about $2-4 million dollars each year. 1. Andrew Jackson and 3,000 soldiers invaded northern Florida. 2. Many seminole leaders refused to go to Oklahoma. 3. The capture of Billy Bowlegs caused the 3rd Seminole war. In the Seminole Wars... Florida: The Sunshine State All About Florida Indians Calusa Indians used a lot of shells. Seminole Indians lived in chickees. Apalachee Indians ate nuts, berries,fruit,deer, small game, wild turkey, fish, corn, beans, and squash The land boom was started when people began buisness,farming, and building railroads. Henry Flagler and Plant built railroads and hotels. Spanish Explorers Juan Garrido came to Florida to conquer it. Estabaean Dorantes was the first to come to Tampa Bay. How did Spanish rule affect Florida? 1.Florida got it's name from Juan Ponce de Leon. 2.They started a Spanish Colony Florida provided supplies for the Southern Army. Florida & the Civil War Florida & the Spanish American war Lots of fleeing Cubans came to Florida. The Land Boom Working on the farm Fleeing Cubans 1. Gives U.S. citizens the right to vote. 2. Gives them the right to bear arms.3. Gives them the right to assemble. The Florida State Costitution... In 1956, two Florida A&M University students refused to give up their seats on a bus to a white man. red: taxes and fees
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