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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 10:30am 1512 12:17pm 1:00pm You unplug your Coolest from the wall plug in the garage and start filling it up. Preparations for your date have already begun. 1:00pm A Tale of Two Saturday Afternoons You begin the hunt tofind all of the necessities.At least you found yourbottle opener..Remember, your lady is waiting... 11:00am So far, you have a half-deadphone, your bottle openerand a used cooler from yourOmaha Steaks order. Not good. 12:32pm You found your gear, but afternearly two hours, the bothof you decide to eat out somewhere local and go to the park after. You forgot your phone charger. An emergencytrip to Walmart takes nearly20 minutes after its allsaid and done. You settle for a McDonalds drive-thru. Nobody is happy.Worst. Date. Ever. Your picnic goes so wellthat you both decide to spend the rest of the weekend away, needless to say, with benefits. Cheaper isn't always better. You'd be missing out, whileyou were trying to fumble around everything in one. Coolest:$300 Retail Bass Pro:$168.88 REI:$138.93 With the Coolest, you can also leave the generator at home. No need to lug a metal block around to make a margarita or charge your phone. Which would be the better decison:Have 6-7 products to hunt down?Or have it all-in-one? You've made the perfectromantic lunch and are on your way to the National Park for some"alone time". The Coolest: A Better Way Has Arrived.
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