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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 Supervisor Report Continuing Academic Probation UOW Meet Tom. He has a permanent employment contract (no end date) and a two year probation period. Make sure you know your probation expiry date! Commenced CDR with 2 months of employment Started collecting Teacher Evidence early! Has Completed at least two assessments of ULT Is on campus and available for Faculty Probation Committee If in a Teaching & Research role your contract of employment will state the UL requirements.Contact ULT team if seeking an exemption Faculty Probation Committees (Chaired by the Executive Dean) will meet within the last 6 months of your probation expiry date.Check your application submission and committee hearing date with your Faculty Executive Office, Your Supervisor will be asked to submit a confidential report to the Committee Has discussed how his role fits in with the Performance Levels in the Academic Performance Framework Has a strategy to collect the required 4-6 pieces of teaching evidence with a minimum of 3 teaching evaluations Reviews AFP Scoring System Prepares Publication & Grants List Complete EO-online Position description Teaching Evaluations Peer Observation Peer Review Checks form and attachments % % % % % Downloads Continuing Probation Application Form Hint- we suggest you use a UOW computer instead of MAC for this Windows based form.Also remember to save the form on your computer BEFORE you start working on it. Reads Academic Probation Webpage Review the relevant policies and attends the PODS run Probation Workshop for more detailed information.
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