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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 Our Service Level Commitment Emergency RequestsUrgent Update We are staffed 21:30 EST Sunday to 17:00 EST Friday to meet service levels for +30 markets Digital Technology delivers on your Content Management needs Tickets are validated right away for completeness*. The service level starts when all needed information is available and we can start work Due Date should only be used when there is marketing spend or a very time sensitive request. All other requests will be processed to meet the service levels below Due Date Driven,Marketing Spend Content UpdateNo Due Date Bulk or Seasonal Requests Call your Digital Technologycontact to escalate an issue of this nature All emergency requests are processed in less than 8 hours All Due Date requests are processed on Due Date Issues include site down, linking out to a broken page, emergency BSA update with marketing spend Tickets will not be processed before Due Date unless it is noted in ticket that this is acceptable If no coding changes are required, requests are processed in two business days Tickets must be submitted at least 3 days before Due Date If coding changes are required, requests are processed in three business days These requests will be evaluatedand a delivery date provided * Help us deliver on time! Submit your tickets with all needed information so we can start work right away. All Content Management tickets should be submitted with a label of CMS-Active, assign to DT CMS
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