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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 Leave your comfort zone Get their attention How To Create Amazing Content A strong headline is always important, especially when it comes to marketing yourself through email or social media. Some can be gimmicky, but some really work. Follow a format Direct: Free gift with every order!Impact: Its time you got something for free. Question: Fancy a freebie?Top tips: 5 reasons to place your order todayInstruction: Order NOW to receive your free gift Find a format that works for you and your consumers, and be aware of what kinds of content generate your bestresponses. Try the following format for your next blog post oremail: 1. A fantastic and punchy introductory paragraph2. Work out what you want to say, and say it quickly and effectively3. Use relevant, eye-catching images throughout4. Develop your authors voice, and dont be tempted to write in a style other than your own5. Call to action, and let your reader know what you expect of them next, whether that be placing an order or just staying connected6. Link elsewhere, perhaps to your website or web store, so thatyour customers have instant access now that theyre hooked Your content doesnt need to be groundbreaking, but if its new to you, it will likely be new to your customers. Try something different: it might just be the kind of refreshing thinking your business needs.Sometimes, an unexpected direction in a marketing campaign can be enough to invigorate disconnected customers.
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