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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 Online & LeBron Of customers want personalized offers reflecting their previouspurchases about per deal Consumer Attitudes to Personalized Ads 7.5m LeBron James FG% in the 2012 season was 55.1% along withhis 7.1 APG LeBron 1. helping stimulate growth 2. Year Drafted Jordan 85% 50M 20M LeBron 30M Combined 73% Sources: 014/ Year 2014 is already driven by keyword 'personalized customer experiences' in physical retail stores as well as in online market communication.In next upcoming years this trend will keep on emerging. ¿Quieres vender tu producto/servicio a Mega Tiendas? Michael Jordan's FG% is much less then LeBron's with 48.7% along with his 6.1 APG 2003 1984 Offline Of consumers wouldwant to havetheir coupons directly from their phones "Compared togeneral ads,personalized adsare more:" 66% 71% 25% Of customers saythat they takemessages withdetailed personalinformation moreseriously Of consumers findsuperficialpersonalizationannoying Of consumers saythat offers with justa use of their namedon't get theirattention anymore
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