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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 Anti Federalists vs. NUMBERS Federalists The opposition was based on the powers of the government. The Federalists wanted a strong federal government while the Anti-Federalists wanted a weak federal government with strong state government rights. The Anti-Federalists feared such as they did not want another government controlling power as Britain was. This included their resentment to have a strong standing Army.To solve this issue they wished to place government power in the hands of the State. They believed that the Constitution created a Strong Central government who favored the wealthy business class which threatened the power of the state and the common man. The solution to this would be a Bill of Rights which the Federalists opposed as they believed it would not include each and every right causing those missing to be broken and abused. They believed that the mentally strong and experienced would provide the best government control and authority for the benefit of the United States. Though they did wish to preserve these liberties, the Federalists favored the well educated and propertied class who were settled in the East. The Anti-Federalists did not favor these people, but instead wished to help and provide for the states' rights advocates, Ratification of the Constitution Fed. #10 Claims that a strong, somewhat distant,government will preserve liberty ratherthan be a threat to it. Thus, turns revolutionary era commonsense on its head. 1. Popular SovereigntyThe People are the legitimate and final source of Government Authority2. Limited GovernmentGovernment may ONLY do what the people have directed it to do3. Separation of PowersThe division of government power among three equal branchesLegislative- makes law,Executive- enforces law,Judicial- interprets law4. Checks and BalancesEach Branch limits the powers of the other two BranchesExecutive- veto law of Legislature Appointment power of Judicial (appointsFederal Judges)Legislative- impeachment power of the Executive AND Judicial branchesJudicial- Judicial Review of Executive AND Legislative branches 5. Judicial ReviewThe Courts Power to determine the constitutionality of governmental action6. FederalismThe division of government power between National and state governments
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